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Percaya Tak Pelawak Pun Mampu Boleh Habis PhD!

SERIUS LAH? PELAWAK PUN MAMPU HABIS PhD! TAK PERCAYA? Tapi itulah yang telah dibuktikan dari  Dr. Aaron Aw Teik Hong seorang komedian yang telah berjaya menamatkan Phd di Universiti Putra Malaysia. Mari kita baca sedikit kata kata daripada beliau selepas berjaya dan menjadi sumber inspirasi kepada ramai pascasiswazah lain diluar sana..

“Finally after six and a setengah years since 2011, I finally kau tim and obtained my PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the recent punya 41st Universiti Putra Malaysia Convocation.

I almost gave up banyak kali sudah because I’ve been juggling my PhD work with my stand-up comedy routine, emceeing, hosting, dan macam-macam lagi. I learned a lot under the guidance of my supervisor, Professor Renuganth Varatharajoo who is the Timbalan Vice-Chancellor Jaringan dan Masyarakat UPM.

Here are some of the superb lines my boss said to me in the past few years..

“I see you like to joke all the time, next time ah, your PhD work also will be a joke la..” – 2011 –

“you are the worst candidate I’ve ever mentored la” – 2012 –

“wah each time I call you, you cabut early, you think UPM your hotel ah?” – 2013 just few moments before Oral Exam edi kena sebat orally –

“ENGINEER pull that down!” – this has to be my favouritest quote la when i tengah cari-cari the button to press so that the projektor can turun, see see just tarik oni haiyo fail, this also during few mins before the Oral Exam in 2013

2014 – 2017 – ” how’s work?”

You know you’re edi almost there when you kena tembak by your Prof in less than 3 words in one sentence 🙂

Therefore I would like to dedicate this to God, My Supervisor one of the Deputy VC of UPM, Professor Renu, My family members, especially my mum, my late dad, my brothers, my pet dogs, my kawan-kawans and new kawan-kawan that I’ve met during my course of study in UPM and during the Convo itself.

If an idiot like me can do it, you also boleh bunya! All you have to do is perservere jer and jangan putus-asa. Thank you and congratulations to everyone that has recently graduated in whatever field you are in. CHEERS LA WEI!

Always remember, you are special and you are one in a minion! Haha !

You and me..PHD *jeh geh jengggg* bunyi strums guitar

Oh yea, in the future if u all need a comedian ke, emcee ke, motivational speaker ke, just message me oni la ya ;)””

Yours Funnily,
Aaron Lawak Solo”