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#10 Delayed Success: Motivasi Untuk Calon-Calon Phd Yang Sedikit Terlewat Perjalanannya

Status panjang lebar ini dikongsi oleh Dr. Hasiba Kamaruddin, salah seorang calon PhD yang telah melalui pelbagai onak ranjau duri ujian sepanjang PhD beliau di UKM. Syukur kepada Allah S.W.T, beliau dah pun berjaya melepasinya. Kini beliau sudah mampu menarik nafas lega, dan mengukir senyuman 🙂


Semoga coretan motivasi beliau ini dapat menyuntik semangat kita, calon-calon yang bakal berjaya tidak lama lagi, in sha Allah.


When I first read a reflection on the story of Prophet Yusuf A.S. by Ustazah Yasmeen Mogahed, I couldn’t stop myself from relating it to my situation back then.

I was at the lowest level of my PhD ride – I changed direction after the first 2 years of my study. When I was ready to start new, the experimental set-up was knocked down by a rat, we took another year to re-set it up, the software we bought could not do the simulation we expected, chitin remained hard to dissolve, I exceeded my study duration and I busted my budget.

All of these hick-ups took turn until the 3rd year of my study. One might have completed his/her PhD within that period of time but not me. I was still drowning in my own difficulties.

Yasmeen Mogahed mentioned about how Allah SWT delayed the release of Prophet Yusuf A.S. from prison when his cellmate who was freed earlier forgot to share about his talent in dream interpretation. Then, after so many years, when the King needed someone to interpret his dream, the former cellmate eventually remembered about Prophet Yusuf, then he was released from prison. Prophet Yusuf intepreted the King’s dream and due to his wisdom, he was appointed as the Finance Minister of Egypt and reunited with his long-separated family.

A normal human being would automatically questioned – how on Earth a prisoner who was locked in the prison for so many years being appointed as a minister after his release? But everything is possible with Allah’s will.

Apparently, this is what Yasmeen Mogahed described as a delayed success. A person who is at the lowest level in his life being elevated to the highest rank in the society after a duration of time as long as he remained true, steadfast and persevere to himself in the moment of difficulties.

On 17th of August, after more than 6 years, Allah SWT granted me with my own delayed success. I passed my PhD viva with minor correction. Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah.

I am definitely very humbled with this experience. I learned that whatever hardships we may have faced, no matter how long it may last, as long as it does not jeopardise ourself, just embrace it, don’t quit, keep going. Just believe that we will get our own version of delayed success. InsyaAllah amin.

Finally, I would like to share my own motivational words to my DSG friends. I have noted it once here previously and I am going to quote it again – “Selagi tak mati, selagi tak sakit, selagi tak papa, selagi tak gila, bersabarlah. Moga dapat pahala.”

Tahniah, Dr.!

Saya nak tambah, walaupun sakit, walaupun papa, walaupun pernah gila…tak bermakna kita tidak berpeluang untuk berjaya!


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